From Normal - through Abnormal - to New Normal

For its 50th year, and in the absence of an opportunity to convene for our usual conference activities, ASB 2020 will be encapsulated in a Special Issue of the Workplace Review! The Special Issue will both commemorate the 50th year as well as stand in lieu of the proceedings usually produced by our conference. To acknowledge our collective experience in this, our 50th year, we have chosen a theme which we believe captures the past, the present, and the future of the ASB Conference. To that end, we are seeking submissions that concern:

  • The Normal: submissions reflecting business-as-usual or the normal types of subjects and topics as found in previous ASB Conferences;
  • The Abnormal: submissions reflecting the disruptions and ripples of the current context across all aspects of business; and
  • The New Normal: submissions which consider the impact(s) of the COVD-19 Pandemic and what the world would/could/should look like when/if some sense of business stability should be regained.

Submissions (full papers, works-in-progress, and cases) will undergo the usual ASB Conference process and be peer-reviewed; full papers will be considered for possible publication in the Special Commemorative Issue of the Workplace Review. Other accepted submissions will be included in Proceedings on the ASB website. Submissions will be received by Division Editors until 12 October 2020 and authors can expect decisions on their work not later than 15 November 2020. Please consult the ASB Style Guide for proper formatting.

YearConference ThemeHost University
202150th ConferencePrince Edward Island
2020From Normal – through Abnormal – to New NormalWorkplace Review
2019Msit no’kmaqCape Breton
2018Diversity and ManagementMoncton
2017Work and Play in the Tidal ZonesAcadia
2016The Business of Knowledge / The Knowledge of BusinessSaint Mary’s
2015Entrepreneurship: Passion and PracticeNew Brunswick
2014Communities, Context and CommunicationMount Saint Vincent
2013Business in TimeSt. Francis Xavier
2012Business as Usual?Dalhousie
2011The Business of Business SchoolsPrince Edward Island