The 48th Annual Atlantic Schools of Business Conference is being hosted this year by the Faculty of Administration of the Université de Moncton (Moncton, NB) from Friday, September 28 to Sunday, September 30, 2018.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Diversity and Management.” The new political, geographical, economic, social and cultural realities are driving today's businesses to integrate diversity management into their daily behavior. While companies have long been aware of the challenges of intercultural management, they are now focusing on the issue of diversity management. Diversity, perceived as the character of what is diverse and varied, integrates several dimensions (diversity of ethnic, social, cultural, religious, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.).

In the current context, diversity has become a part of the strategy of many large companies, judging by their views on this topic. It is also perceived by some governments as a tool for a broader societal policy on equal opportunities and equal treatment. The common denominator of diversity management is based on the assumption that differences, whatever they may be, can be both a resource and an indispensable asset for organizational performance. With this theme, we hope to encourage submissions representing interdisciplinary work that combine functional aspects of management research in synergy with other academic fields.

As in previous years, submissions (in French and in English) for conference proceedings and presentations or development sessions are welcome both in the conference theme and in the other divisions.

In addition, this year's symposiums and workshops program includes:

  • A symposium on corporate governance
  • A symposium on the management of cooperative organizations
  • A panel of the Canadian Business History Association

Submissions should be sent by email directly to the chair of the symposium or workshop division by September 15, 2018.

Please use the email with subject ASB submission and refer to the guide at www.asbconference.ca for the submission format.

In order to allow for a diversity of contributions, the conference will accept full and short (working and extended abstract) research papers.

  • Full papers must be no longer than fifteen pages, including all additional material such as references, appendices, and figures.
  • Short papers (previously working papers or extended abstracts) must be no longer than five pages.

For more information: Register at www.asbconference.ca to receive monthly update emails, including registration and hosting information.

Alidou Ouedraogo
President ASB 2018