ASB Conference 2017

The ASB Executive was established by the Deans/Directors of the Atlantic Schools of Business at a meeting held at the 2004 ASB conference. The goal of the Deans was to provide a structure that would enhance the role of the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference both regionally and nationally. Continuity between conferences was seen as critical to achieve this and so the ASB Executive was formed.

The activities of the executive are designed to enhance the long term health and scholarly prospects of the Atlantic Schools of Business conference. To do this the executive is taking steps to foster a sense of organization and continuity through an increased presence and visibility between the annual conferences. This web-site is one of the ways we hope to meet this goal. The executive is putting processes in place to maintain the ASB conference organizational memory in order to support the ASB overall as well as facilitate the conduct of future conferences. One of the ways we hope to achieve this is through the authoring of a history of the ASB (see below), and through the design and implementation of a searchable archive of materials and proceedings associated with the ASB conferences to be made available on this web-site.

In addition, the executive is identifying and recruiting university sponsors/hosts for our future conferences and to work closely with them to develop and promote these conferences; providing as much assistance as possible (or as required) throughout the year leading up to the conference itself. As part of this process we have sought out volunteers and organized a structure of interest chairs, whose role is to oversee the reviewing and acceptance of papers for the forthcoming conference(s). The executive will also oversee the regular election of all offices (executive members and interest chairs) at the annual general meeting of the ASB conference itself.


One of the longest surviving business education conferences in Canada, the ASB has operated for 35 years without a standing organization or membership. Despite the success in operating an annual conference throughout all this time there remains no formal history associated with the ASB. Commencing with the 35th conference the ASB Executive started a project to develop a history (or histories) of the ASB. Papers on the history of the ASB have been presented at each conference since. If you would be interested in taking part – either by undertaking research into an aspect of the history or by providing information needed to make the history of ASB we’d be glad to hear from you. Please contact: Albert J. Mills at