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ASB Tracks: Management Education

Students are flocking to college because the world is more complex, turbulent, and more reliant on knowledge than ever before. But educational practices invented when higher education served only the few are increasingly disconnected from the needs of contemporary students (Greater Expectations, 2002: viii).

Today’s university classroom is a very different one than it was twenty years ago with a number of challenges. The typical business school classroom is now composed of a diverse group of students from all over the world with varying backgrounds, values, and beliefs. Secondly, many students (and their parents) are questioning the relevance and benefits of a university degree. Lastly, student engagement both in and out of the classroom is an ongoing challenge.

The Management Education track encourages papers from all aspects of higher education, adult education, and management training programs. Topics may include the use of technology in the classroom, teaching international students, new innovative teaching methods, teaching critical thinking, balancing theory versus applied knowledge, the challenge of student engagement, and new course development. Papers are especially encouraged that question the traditional classroom model and challenge the current business school curriculum.