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ASB Tracks: KPMG Student Case Competition

KPMG have been sponsoring a student case competition at ASB for many years. The event is open to teams from any business school or department in the Maritimes. Students, in any year of study, in teams of 2-4, are provided a general business case and have 3 hours to prepare a presentation to a panel of judges.

The competition is run one of two ways: (1) as a learning environment where all students are present in the room for all presentations. Student feedback suggests this is a great way for the students to see how other teams have approached the same case and which teams ultimately satisfied the judges criteria best; (2) as a staggered start approach where students are provided the case in half-hour intervals, have 3 hours to prepare a presentation and present to the panel of judges. This approach is used when the logistics of the host university do not lend allow the first approach.

The judging panel in the past has comprised of a marketing specialist with KPMG; one or two KPMG employees, usually alumni of the host university; and at least one judge from the local business community. Feedback from the judges is provided during a reception and awards are presented to the top three teams. The case chosen each year tends to be a non-subject specific business case that any student would be able to provide a suitable recommendation.