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ASB Tracks: HR / IR

The HR/IR track encourages contributions for the wide range of disciplines and perspectives that can be broadly defined as the “world of work”. Both macro and micro perspectives on workers and their experiences in organizations are welcome. Research that examines a variety of relationships among peers, subordinate/supervisor, intra and inter managerial teams as well as structural and policy level studies are just some of the areas presented in this track. Both collective and individualist points of view are welcome as are quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Topics in the past have included: management strategies, conflict resolution, forms of representation, and the broad range of HR traditional subthemes such as staffing, compensation, performance management, career planning, union-management relations, etc. Labour studies also finds it’s home in this track. The track encourages comparative studies and participants benefit from presentations on a wide range of industries and professions across the public, private and civil society sectors.