Business History Division

The Business History division of the 2014 Atlantic Schools of Business conference in conjunction with the UK Management History Research Group (MHRG) call for scholarly papers, symposia and professional development workshop proposals. An international constituent is expected this year and thus submissions are encouraged from North America, Europe and beyond. A special issue in the journal Management & Organizational History titled “Re-visiting the Historic Turn 10 years later: Current Debates in Management and Organizational History” has been developed to which the Business History division co-conveners will encourage authors to submit their manuscripts. Though papers in later stages of development are likely to be considered for inclusion in the special issue, ASB in general and the Business History division specifically invites papers from all areas of management and business history, in universities and outside, targeting research at any stage of development.

For more information follow the links below:

Business History Division Call for Scholarly Papers, Symposia and Professional Development Workshops

Management & Organizational History - Special Issue Call for Papers