Track Chairs

The following is a list of track chairs for each of the divisions. Canadian submissions should be emailed to the “local chair” and international submissions should be emailed to the “international chair” – using the subject line “Submission ASB 2016.”

Local: Larry Corrigan, Saint Mary’s University
International: Abdullah Iqbal, University of Kent
Business Communication/Communications d’Affaires
Local: Judy Roy, University of New Brunswick
International: Elaine Ritch, Glasgow Caledonian University
Business and Organizational History/Histoire des Affaires
Local: Gabrielle Durepos, Mount Saint Vincent University
International: Bill Cooke, University of York
Co-operatives/Solidarity Economy/Cooperatives
Local: Daphne Rixon, Saint Mary’s University
International: David Jacobs, Morgan State U.
Embryo and Case Track/Études de Cas
Local: Robert MacDonald, Crandall University
Local: Claudia DeFuentes, Saint Mary’s University
International: Oscar Javier Montiel Mendez, UACJ
International: David Higgins, University of Liverpool
Ethics & Social Issues/l’Éthique des Affaires
Local: Mark Fuller, St. Francis Xavier University
International: Michael Roy, Glasgow Caledonian University
Local: Ann MacGillivary, Mount Saint Vincent University
International: Neil McHugh, Glasgow Caledonian University
Gender & Diversity/Genre et Diversité
Local: Ed Ng, Dalhousie University
International: Jawad Syed, Huddersfield University
HR/IR/Humaines & Relations Industrielles
Local: Heidi Weigand, Saint Mary’s University
International: George Tsogas, Birkbeck, University of London
Local: Chantal Hervieux, Saint Mary’s University
International: Rosemary McGowan, Wilfrid Laurier University
Management Education/Formation en Gestion
Local: Shawn Cleary, Mount Saint Vincent University
International: David Jones, Robert Gordon University
Management Information Systems/Systèmes d’Information
Local: Jean-Pierre Booto Ekionea, Université de Moncton
Local: Karen Blotnicky, Mount Saint Vincent University
International: Ardhendu Shekhar Singh, Symbiosis International University
Organizational Behaviour and Theory/Comportement Organisationnel/Théorie des Organisations
Local: Ali Ahmadsimab, Saint Mary’s University
International: Steffen Roth, Rennes School of Business

Open / General Track/
Tracksoumission Générale (Hors Thème)
Local: Chris Hartt, Dalhousie University
Local: Alidou Ouedraogo, Université de Moncton
Student Case Competition/Études de Cas pour Étudiants
Local: Karen Lightstone, Saint Mary’s University
Doctoral Consortium/Consortium Doctoral
Local: Terrance Weatherbee, Acadia University
International: Ajnesh Prasad, Royal Roads University
Conference Co-Chairs
Jean Helms Mills, Saint Mary’s University
Albert Mills, Saint Mary’s University