Doctoral & Early Career Consortium


Date: Friday, September 25th, 2015

Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Room: Wu Conference Centre, Room 208

2.00pm–3.00pm: “Research interests and Career mentoring”, Dr. Jeffrey J. McNally (University of New Brunswick) & Ph.D. Candidate Mariana I. Paludi (Saint Mary´s University).

3.00pm–3.30pm: Nutrition Break

3.30pm–4.30pm: “Finding your 'research niche' in management”, Dr. Jeffrey J. McNally, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, University of New Brunswick.

Jeffrey J. McNally

Jeff’s research interests revolve around examining the types, investments in, and the outcomes of the relationships that people have with their work and/or learning organizations as exchange partners. He is currently one of the project leads in a global study examining the outcomes of entrepreneurship education at the university level. The study is fully funded by an Insight Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), on which Jeff is the Co-Investigator. For more information go to:

Mariana I. Paludi

Mariana Ines Paludi is a PhD candidate at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, Canada and a junior lecturer in Gender and Organization Studies at Universidad de San Andrés and Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (Argentina). Her areas of research include critical management perspective, gender, culture, Latin America, and postcolonialism. She has published in journals such as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and recently she co-authored a chapter for The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations. For more information go to:

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